Friends and Links

 Please visit some of these amazing artists and friends’ links

 or websites. I have found a lot of interesting and inspiring stuff there. 



victoria arts council

Karyn Chopik

is a Jewellery designer and an artist from Vancouver, B.C.

Meltshot Brownie Art & Performance Collective

A fluid Art & Performance collective BIPOC artists


Instagram: Meltshotbrownie

Tank Five

Tank Five is a Marketing Company Specializing in Niche Marketing for Craft Distillers, Brewers and Wine Makers.

Giant Switch
Giant Switch is the work of East Vancouver illustrator and designer Jayeson Lyonns.

Ed Swarez

is an abstract painter from the UK.

James Kalm

is an artist and art critic from N.Y.

Lumenstar LED

Lumenstar provides exquisite LED lighting for galleries.

natalie Prevost

is an animator from Montreal, Quebec