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Stay tuned to this page. Once this pandemic comes to an end, I expect that I will be featured in more and more shows.



Look Gallery Victoria, 2019

Group show 2019

Victoria International Airport Gallery, spring 2021

See my work on the international stage!


Gage Gallery Victoria

January 1st 2022

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Stay Tuned


Collected Works



Personal Collection of K. Chopik

This lovely painting hangs on my home ceramic art studio wall.  It makes me happy. Leroy’s abstract work allows the viewer to derive meaning from each piece. To me “Superstition” looks like birch trees in a colorful fall forest. It brings me back to meaningful times walking in the forest and the sound of the dry leaves crunching underfoot.

 I have watched Leroy progress as a painter over the years, and particularly like his new series ” The Sound of Colour” and the use of vibrant colors. His palette knife strokes are dynamic and exciting!

    ~  Karen Chopik, Jewellery designer and artist

 White Rock, British Columbia



Personal Collection of J. Campbell

Back in 2010, my old friend Leroy came to visit me and his old buddies in his hometown of Montreal. Leroy always had a great ear for music and a great eye for the visual arts, but until that visit I had no idea he had 
started painting. What a wonderful surprise it was when he presented me with this wonderful painting! It has been with me through three apartments and always hangs in the living room, where it never fails to get lots of positive comments and questions. I just tell them – that’s my old buddy Leroy and he’s quite the talent!

       ~ John Campbell, Systems analyst

 Montreal, Quebec